Week 3: Dialing it In

I’m changing my mind…

“[The Solar Plexus] is Omnipotent because it is the point of contact with all life and all intelligence.  It can therefore accomplish whatever it is directed to accomplish, and herein lies the power of the conscious mind; the sub-conscious can and will carry out such plans and ideas…suggested to it by the conscious mind.”

Charles F. Haanel

Working with the MKE App

I am creating a conscious habit of daily readings.  Inspired by my elevated mood, narrowed focus and deeper sense of purpose, I’m committing to the readings, and reading with greater ETHUSIASM!!  At the end of week three, I feel like I’m getting these tasks dialed in!  So much so, I was inspired to check my stats on the MKE app for the first time and discovered that I am functioning at 72% – a C minus!  (Wait, what?!  Yikes!!) The point here is not the “grade.”  Rather, the point is the data, and the data shows that there is room for improvement.  I can improve only what I measure, and I ideally measure only what matters. In business-speak, this is referred to as data-driven performance improvement.  With that valuable data (72%) I can dive into tomorrow with greater dedication to giving positive, empowering, supportive and uplifting messages to my sub-conscious mind with ENTHUSIASM… morning, noon and night! I look forward to checking my updated stats in a week.  Meanwhile, I consider the readings a gift to myself. 

Writing My Definite Major Purpose

I’ve been thinking for many years now about manifesting a more authentic career and way of life that is more closely aligned to my deeply-held values, my innate talents and my intrinsic way of being.  While I’ve been taking baby steps toward this new career and way of life over the last few years, and while I’ve been pleasantly surprised about and deeply grateful for where these baby steps have led me thus far, my new career and way of life haven’t yet materialized in the way I’ve envisioned.  This week I submitted Draft 3 of my Definite Major Purpose.  Every time I read it, new bigger ideas, as well as nuanced adjustments, are provoked from my sub-conscious mind.  Thus, every re-write is imbued with loftier goals, sharpened vocabulary, bigger income, clearer imagery and deeper sense of fulfillment.  Since last week, the ideas have expanded beyond career to include the concept of my career being in service to, and supporting a new way of life.  I am painting the picture with more vibrant colors.  I am engendering a broader perspective.  I am changing my mind.  I am building trust that my sub-conscious mind can and will carry out the plans and ideas that I suggest to it – no matter how ambitious they seem.

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